Here at Fleetwood, we specialize in many different types of traditional archery, but one of the things that we do best is providing the highest-quality products at an affordable price for introductory archers. We know that archery isn't only about hunting. It's also about enjoying the simplicity of shooting your bow alone in the woods and spending time with your friends and family shooting your bow in the backyard or on the farm or even in a competition!.
We offer a huge selection of quality handcrafted hardwood traditional bows that allow everyone, from beginners as young as two, all the way to the most experienced adult archer, to enjoy the sport in whatever way they see fit. We are archers ourselves, some of us hunters, some of us recreational shooters, and we want to encourage EVERYONE to give archery a shot!
* Some Fleetwood bows are suitable for both youth/recreation and hunting. While some of our bows are designed and sized specifically for experienced archers and hunters (see the Hunting & Bowfishing page HERE), some feature interchangeable limbs that allow youths and new archers to learn with lower draw weights, which can later be switched out with limbs that provide hunt-worthy draw weights. In Colorado (where we are based), the minimum hunting draw weight is 35lbs. Order your chosen bow with limbs that provide an appropriate draw weight for your intended use. Any questions? We're happy to help! Give us a call!
  • Monarch
  • Sage
  • Knight
  • Frontier
  • Sparrow Hawk
  • Little Hawk
  • Mocking Jay
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