When our company first started making bows eighty-eight years ago, 'archery' was synonymous with 'bowhunting'. Through decades of experience and dedication, we've stuck to our roots and continued to create quality, functional bows that allow hunters to take on any challenge the season can offer.
From our one piece Summit Recurve Bow all the way to our Take-Down Monarch and Spartan Bows, we have the bow that will help you take advantage of the latest designs, materials and technologies while still enjoying a traditional bowhunting experience, and will last long enough to pass down for generations. Welcome to the world of traditional archery.
* Some Fleetwood bows are suitable for both hunting and youth/recreation. While some of our youth bows are designed and sized specifically for youths (see the Youth & Recreation page HERE), some feature interchangeable limbs that allow youths and new archers to learn with lower draw weights, which can later be switched out with limbs that provide hunt-worthy draw weights. In Colorado (where we are based), the minimum hunting draw weight is 35lbs. Order your chosen bow with limbs that provide an appropriate draw weight for your intended use. Any questions? We're happy to help! Give us a call!
  • Monarch
  • Sage
  • Knight
  • Spartan
  • Summit-II
  • Frontier
  • Edge
  • Fish-Slayer
  • Timber Longbow
  • Timber Recurve
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